Thursday, February 5, 2009

Open Water Swimming may be watched via the internet here.

A number of watch Open Water Swimming online contests take place across the globe. They are not usually considered a spectator sport because the majority of people are even aware they exist. There may be a photographer at the entry point or the exit point but they don't get the continuous coverage of a football game. watch Open Water Swimming online excerpts may be viewed by fans on youtube online.

not a commonly know fact, Open Water Swimming has been viewed as a competitive sport since at least the first modern Olympic Games. Of course, you were not able to watch Open Water Swimming online then but many people saw the event. In Athens, Greece during 1896 all swimming competitions were conducted as open water swimming events. The first Olympic swimming records were set by folks who had to swim in open water, against waves and the wind, not in the calm pool water used today. Today there are major open water events conducted around the world. Among the most noteworthy of these r the Fort Lauderdale Rough Water Swim, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, the Perth, Australia Rottnest Channel Swim, and the Atlantic City, Jersey Around the Island Marathon Swim.

It is likely that the Open Water Swimming contest with the biggest publicity is the English Channel swim. Modern day Channel swimming history starts with a J.B. Johnson in the year 1872. He attempted the swim the Channel but gave up after 1 hr and 3 minutes into the swim, but a tradition had been started. It was 3 years later when an American, Captain Paul Boyton successfully made the swim in 23 and a 1/2 hr. After that the gates were open, others set out to best his record. In no time at all there were hundreds trying to succeed at swimming it. Many of these were recorded on newsreels and can be accessed so that you can watch Open Water Swimming online.

Through triathlon competiotion, the viewer has the good opportunity to watch an Open Water Swimming online. The competitors take part in bike race, then swim and then they run for gold. While the Olympic triathlon in the past 2 Olympics, Sydney and Beijing, held their triathlon swimming event to 10 kilometers others venues have increased the distance to as much as 25 kilometers. In this competition it is easy to watch as all the participants wear brightly colored swim caps as they plow through the waves to the opposite shoreline.